Polish Posy is the world's first non-slip grip & tilt multiple nail polish bottle holder that helps you avoid messy nail polish spills. Invented and designed by a professional manicurist & an engineer duo, Polish Posy is equipped with multiple functions so that you can paint without fear of bottles spilling or smudging your nail polish. 


Polish Posy Spill Proof Nail Polish Holder & Organizer in Charcoal Black Color

how it works

Place Polish Posy down

Insert your polish bottle(s)

Start painting! 

unique & innovative features


Equipped with a non-slip base, you can place Polish Posy on multiple surfaces and paint without fear of bottles spilling.

holds 4 bottles

The world's first multiple polish holder has room for your base coat, top coat & polish, with room to spare.

expert cap grip

One-of-a-kind design provides a soft, comfortable grip for the bottle's hard plastic caps so you can paint with ease.

grips different shapes & sizes

Innovative 'fingers' grip different bottle shapes & sizes.

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tilts bottles

Securely tilts open bottles at a desired angle in place so you can get the last drops of your favorite polish.

durable material

The highly resilient foam body is designed to withstand daily use, it's water resistant, impervious to mildew, mold & bacteria.

holds essential nail tools

Cute heart insert in the center holds essential nail tools upright for easy access for quick fixes.

hands-free or hand-held

Whatever is convenient for you.

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