About Us

Polish Posy was invented and designed by a professional manicurist with 20 years experience and a mechanical design engineer veteran of 40 years. The duo's combined expertise has inspired Polish Posy's multi-functional design. Firm believers of honest, hard work, we hope that our simple, functional and might we say, cute, Polish Posy will work hard to keep your nail routine perfect and spill-free!

Founder and inventor Kunga Choekyi, aka 'KC', was born in a cave in the Himalayan mountains of Ladakh in India when her parents escaped into exile from the violent occupation of Tibet by China. She is a first generation Tibetan born-in-exile to refugee parents from Tibet. She grew up in a Tibetan refugee settlement in India where she studied to be a nail technician. She immigrated to the US in '96 and since her arrival has been tirelessly and lovingly caring for the nails of her now lifelong clients. Although KC had the idea for Polish Posy in 2006 and had made homemade prototypes, the idea never fully developed simply because she didn't have time or the resources. Thanks to a good friend, KC's invention has finally taken shape since it's birth over 10 years ago!

Polish Posy's design engineer Richard Schlueter, aka 'Dick', born and raised in farm country Ohio, has several patents under his belt, is a writer and a veteran who toured aboard the USS Gato SSN 615. A good friend and partner to one of KC's lifelong clients, Dick helped KC develop and realize her invention.

As part of our social mission, we at Polish Posy are committed to contributing a percentage of our profits to support local and international charities and organizations that help Tibetan refugee communities.