Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Polish Posy work?

Polish Posy is the world's first multiple nail polish holder that is non-slip and tilts your bottles securely to keep polish spills at bay. To use it, it's as easy as one-two-three; 1) Place Polish Posy down, 2) Insert your polish bottle(s), 3) Start painting! Check out our 'How to Use Polish Posy' page.

2. What is Polish Posy made of?

Polish Posy is made of a highly resilient foam material that is designed to withstand daily use which bounces back to its shape after use, is impervious to mold, mildew & bacteria. Removing the bottles after use helps your Polish Posy retain its shape.

3. Is Polish Posy portable?

Polish Posy is super light weight and small; it weighs less than a tube of lipstick and its dimensions are 4-1/8 x 4-1/8 x 1-1/2 inches. So yes, you can take Polish Posy on the go!

4. Can Polish Posy be hand-held as well?

On the occasion that you can't place Polish Posy down on a surface, you can wrap a finger or thumb your Polish Posy to paint your own nails or someone else's. 

5. What bottle shapes & sizes can Polish Posy hold?

The specially designed 'grippy fingers' will hold any of the major nail polish brands, from the smaller bottles to the larger ones. 

6. How do I clean Polish Posy?

If it gets dirty from everyday wear and tear, just wipe it down with wet wipe. No cleaning products can hurt Polish Posy. If you get nail polish on it, you can wipe it right away - better on the Polish Posy then on your floor or sheets!

7. What kind of surfaces can I place Polish Posy on?

You can place Polish Posy on almost every surface indoors or outdoors - from wood floors, glass tables, bed sheets, carpets to grass and concrete. 

8. How is Polish Posy different from other nail polish holders?

First of all, there aren't many nail polish holders out there! And there are none that work like Polish Posy. Unlike others in the market, Polish Posy is a non-slip nail polish holder that lets you paint almost everywhere. It holds your bottles tilted firmly in place, and frees your hands. Never worry about spills again!


9. How do I store my Polish Posy?

You can store your Polish Posy anywhere. Lay it flat or on its side. Just store it empty when you can. And if you forget to take out your polish, just remove it and give Polish Posy a couple of hours to bounce back to its original shape!