How To Use

1. Place your Polish Posy down on any surface for a hands-free application of nail polish with the help of our specialized non-slip base. Why limit your hand movements by holding bottles in your hands, or with hand-held polish holders? Polish Posy will keep your hands free and worry-free from polish spills or smudges.

2. Insert your polish bottles in any of the 4 pockets. Why risk smudging your nails opening multiple polish bottles, because let's be honest, we use at least 3 bottles at a time (base coat, top coat & color) for a long lasting mani-pedi. Our specially designed 'grippy fingers' will securely grip different bottle shapes & sizes and safely keep the open bottles upright.

3. Start painting!


4. Getting low on your polish? Tilt your bottles at the desired angle and Polish Posy's 'grippy fingers' will securely grip them in place so you can get the last drops of your favorite polish. There is no need to tilt the bottle again and again by hand.


5. Painting with your non-dominant hand? Use our innovative expert cap grip and slip it over the cheap hard plastic caps for a soft, comfortable grip. The large soft grip allows you to adjust the pressure of your grip for better control and precision of your brush strokes, and it easily open stuck caps.

6. Ever smudge your fresh nails while trying to pick up your nail tools lying flat on the table or floor? Polish Posy has a cute heart in the center to hold essential nail tools upright like nail file, brushes, and correction wood sticks for easy access for quick fixes.

No more polish uh-ohs! Here's a simple how-to for the perfect nail routine with Polish Posy.