Our Social Mission

We are committed to contributing a percentage of our profits to local and international charities and organizations that help Tibetan refugee communities as well as local charities based in our home state of Connecticut. 

Why is it important to us to give back? His Holiness the Dalai Lama has always said to give back to the community that helped you and raised you. We believe giving back is an honest and kind way to live your life. And also because these causes are very personal to our founder and inventor Kunga, who was born in a cave in the Himalayan mountains of Ladakh in India when her parents escaped into exile after the violent occupation of Tibet by China. She is a first generation Tibetan born-in-exile to refugee parents from Tibet and grew up in a Tibetan refugee settlement in India, and is a first generation immigrant to the U.S. She feels deeply connected to both her current home and community in Connecticut and the Tibetan refugee community in India and hopes to give back to both communities that has raised and helped her and her family. Read more here.

Your Polish Posy purchase today will be donated towards worthy causes near and far, and your perfect mani-pedi will thank you for it!

Founder KC reading donated books with Tibetan refugee schoolchildren


doing good while looking good!